This Thug Love Got Me Trippin’: A Houston Christmas

It’s that time of year again, and Zuriah Price is excited to go home to celebrate the holidays with her family. A native of Houston, Texas, Zuriah now lives in Chicago. She is in her third year of an internship to become an anesthesiologist, and things are going perfect. Great loft, awesome career, and a doctor boyfriend, Zuriah has all she needs. However, falling for another man is not on her Christmas wish list.

Jesiah Bowman is single and content with his lifestyle. He tried to be a family man until he found out that the child he claims wasn’t his. Now, he has no desire to be in a committed relationship with anyone. Maintaining his businesses is satisfying enough for Jesiah. Until he sees Zachory’s, his best friend, baby sister, Zuriah, again after several years. Instantly, he is attracted to her and doesn’t hesitate to let her know. But not only does she have a man, she lives in an entirely different state.

They say love conquers all, but will that be enough to bring these two together, or will the distance and commitment to Zuriah’s doctor boyfriend be the reasons why these two lovers toss in the towel?