This Thug Love Got Me Trippin: A Belize Christmas

After being dumped last year by her fiancé Knox on Christmas day, Cassie “Sassy” Treyton isn’t too happy about the holiday season in Belize this year. Not only is she upset about losing the love of her life, but she feels pressured by her mother regarding marriage and children.
After enduring many years of educational sacrifice, Sassy finally accomplished her goal as a lawyer. She graduated law school at the top of her class and now she is a hard-working career woman. Yet, her mother only brings up her disappointing love life. The despairing comments and constant comparison to her married friends has made Sassy regret chasing her dream.
Dateless and no one special in her life, Sassy is faced with the dilemma of returning home alone for the holidays. When her bestie Cakes comes up with a plan to save the day, and help her win Knox back in the process, she reluctantly jumps on board.
The plan involved his cousin Ace Hood. He is smart, very good looking, charming, and has a body that turns heads. Ace has fallen on hard times and he is desperately trying to hold it together. It’s just a matter of time before the bill collectors catch up to him. Therefore, when Cakes approached him with a plan to help him out financially, he accepts.
Quickly, the master plan miserably falls apart. The arrangement between Sassy and Ace was more like a match made in hell. The moment they meet, they collide. They don’t see eye to eye on anything. Ace thinks she’s obnoxious, insecure, and dramatic. Sassy thinks that he’s a broke thug with no ambitions or goals, and he’s destined to be in the penal system.
Unexpectedly, things take a major turn. Secrets and lies are exposed. Sassy’s heart is shattered. Ace is apologetic. You have to read This Thug Love Got Me Trippin: A Belize Christmas and find out what happens on the luxurious private island.