They Just Hatin’ On Us 2

Corinne is shocked after the unexpected visitor shows up at her doorstep. Thinking that her past was behind her, she wasn’t prepared for it to stare her right in the face. With her newfound love at the forefront, she isn’t worried about her ex’s return. However, hurt and betrayal make her realize that she’s not as emotionally strong as she thought.

After the tragic turn of events, Kaizen’s heart slowly turned cold. He finds himself in a dark place, with revenge being the number one thing on his mind. He inadvertently pushes the ones closest to him away and stops at nothing to make the perpetrators pay. Revenge is sweet, but he soon finds himself fighting with his moral compass.

Can Corinne and Kaizen work out the kinks in their newfound love? Or is the hurt that they both caused too heavy to repair?