the wife of a Jamaican billionaire

The Wife Of A Jamaican Billionaire

In the heart of the middle-class life in Miami, Ash-leigh—a young, stunning woman with a heart as golden as the Miami’s sunsets—navigates life with grace despite her current financial struggles and rough circumstances. As a loving mother to Kairo, her bright and adoring son, she is the pillar and backbone of their small family. However, their world is constantly shaken by the emotional and toxic relationship she shares with Kairo’s father, Kyron. Once deeply in love, Ash-leigh and Kyron’s relationship now lies nearly in the pits of hell, marred by money problems and bitter arguments that their son cannot help but overhear through the thin walls of their humble home.

For Ash-leigh, it is a daily struggle to reconcile the harsh, unfaithful man Kyron has become with the man she once loved so deeply. She dreams of being his wife, hoping they can be the happy family she craves. But with each obstacle she and Kyron faces, that dream seems to slip further down the drain and far out of reality. Just when Ash-leigh is on the verge of giving up hope, a twist of fate introduces her to a world she never dared to imagine. She crosses paths with a charismatic Jamaican billionaire, Denver Steele AKA Devil, whose affection for her could be the ticket out of the relentless grind of poverty that has defined her life.

Now, Ash-leigh is faced with a choice. Can she abandon the man she once loved and the father of her child for the promise of a brighter, more secure future? Or will she stay and fight for her family, risking it all in the process? As Ash-leigh teeters on the brink of two vastly different worlds, she must navigate a path that challenges her values, her family, and her very sense of self.

In “The Wife of a Jamaican Billionaire,” Candy Moore crafts a heartfelt and evocative narrative that delves into the human consequences of love, sacrifice, and tough choices. It is a love story that will pull at your heartstrings and immerse you in the sun-soaked beautiful city of Miami.