The Throne IV

In this special edition of The Throne IV, Cole Hart brings his readers back into his world. Furthermore, back inside the circle of a notorious gang of men and women. Add to it, a mother who’s back on the run from the Federal Government for a murder of a undercover agent. This agent happens to have been her right hand for years. Along with the family’s main henchman, Papa Bear, who’s now her mysterious lover.

Amil Walker has set in stone that she’s definitely the head of the throne. She will do whatever it takes to keep her family and their multi-million-dollar empire secure. Amil has also cut all ties with the Colombian Cartel. With a stroke of good luck, she will bounce back even stronger with a bigger and better plug, the Arabians in Dubai. With the Feds still hot on the Walker family trail, who knows what will happen next. Will Amil sacrifice herself to save her family or will she pull the ultimate betrayal? Something that she’s been known to do in the past.