The Rock Boyz: A Thug Love Super Box Set

“The Rock Boyz are in the building tonight, oh what a feeling, I’m feeling life. You don’t even gotta bring ya paper out… we the dope boys of the year, drinks are on the house…”

The infamous Rock Boyz: D’Mari, D’Mani, J.R., and Corey set out to take over the streets of Atlanta. Although, in life things never go as planned. With problems in the streets and personal problems stacked on top, it appears that the guys are in over their heads.

J.R. is excited about his life with Lexi and becoming a first-time father. However, an old associate declared war on J.R. and his boyz; causing him to focus on his street ventures when he suffers a personal tragedy. Will J.R. be able to survive the streets long enough for him to enjoy fatherhood?

Making the transition from NYC to the ATL, D’Mari finds himself adjusting quickly. Not only that, he is stepping into a new role of being a husband and a father to twins simultaneously. With his wife’s mood changing every second, will D’Mari be able to keep his head in the game while maintaining peace on the home front? D’Mani is making great strides in his new environment and loving his life with Anastasia and Kyler. Though, a trip to Wal-Mart brings him face to face with his not so distant past, revealing a well-kept secret. Will this secret have severe consequences and disrupt his life at home?

After getting his dream job and moving to the ATL, Corey quits his job and joins his boyz in building their family empire. However, Corey’s new moves not only put his life but his family’s lives in danger. His decisions had him betraying those he holds close, creating dissension in his circle. Will Corey be able to right his sins and restore respect and trust with those he holds dear?

With enemies on the inside and outside, secrets reveal and trust is broken. The entire deck is stacked against them on their quest for money, power, and respect. Will the Rock Boyz prevail? Check out this blazing new African American Urban Fiction Complete Series by bestselling and award-winning authors Twyla T., Patrice Balark, Dani Littlepage, and J. Dominique.