The Rise Of A Dope Boy Chick 2

Cole Hart Signature’s new author, Shontaiye Moore debuts the sequel to, The Rise Of A Dope Boy Chick 2. This gripping, African American Urban Romance drama finale will conclude in ways you’d never expect.

Asia’s back, but this time, she has a whole new set of troubles. She is now faced with the harsh reality that she needs to make a choice between the two men that she loves. Accustomed to someone else solving her problems; she soon learns that this time, that won’t suffice, and no one will guide her. As she struggles to be a mother, run her business, and keep her sanity; more problems are added to her plate. Muff is back … and this time, it’s with a vengeance.

With Mitch’s appeal under way, he’s now home and ready to dive back into the drug world. Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan. The streets aren’t the same anymore and neither are his connections. He soon finds the pressure mounting, as his lawyer fees pile up; right along with the headaches at home. Asia has changed, and he’s not sure whether it’s for the good or the bad.

Thrust in the center of a love triangle, Josiah soon learns that all good things must come to an end, and that proves accurate in all aspects of his life. Mitch returning to the scene disrupts his love life; while law enforcement disturbs his business. A new threat now lingers in the air; however, the problem is Josiah doesn’t even know it’s there. What he thinks is his biggest problem, is actually, far from it.

This explosive, fast-paced, finale will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Despite the losses and setbacks, nothing can stop The Rise Of A Dope Boy’s Chick 2!