The Realest Thug I Ever Loved 2

Eli and Fayola’s honeymoon phase is interrupted after secrets from the past come to the couple’s forefront. Their future seems bleak at first; however, they’re able to overcome the hardships and get back on track to creating the fairytale love that they started. Everything is copacetic until Eli finds out what Fayola’s been hiding from him. Will their love be strong enough to take another blow? Or will newfound betrayal be the nail in the coffin of their budding romance?

It was a bumpy road, but like the rose that grew from concrete, Fayola managed to spread her wings and tackle all the goals that she set for herself. With her man by her side and her certification in hand, she’s excited to begin her promising career as one of the hottest nail techs in Detroit. No one can stop her, or so she thinks. Lurking in the shadows are snakes praying on her downfall. Can her resilient nature save her this time? Or will she fall victim to the people out to get her?

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but what happens when it’s a broken man refusing to let go of his ex? Meechie is torn between letting Fayola go and ruining her life. In his mind, Fayola was the one who betrayed him. Despite his wrongdoings, Meechie expected loyalty after revealing the dark truth about their son. Since her departure, he’d been on a never-ending downward spiral. After linking up with a common enemy, Meechie devises a plan to knock Fayola off her high horse.

Get ready for more secrets, lies, and devasting blows in the second installment of The Realest Thug I Ever Loved 2.