the night a rich thug saved me 3

The Night A Rich Thug Saved Me 3

“I gave my heart to Kloey, and I didn’t even know it. She has to be the one for me,” Kasino Billionaire.

In the third installment of this series, the drama-filled night finally turned into morning. Kloey and Kasino found themselves yet again in another sticky situation. They just couldn’t catch a break. All they wanted to do was explore their love and live happily ever after unconditionally. However, the universe had other plans for them.

Kloey found herself in a compromising position when she had to leave the hospital unexpectedly. She was visiting her father that had just been shot when her sister called. There was a strange man in her house. The call dropped as her sister pleaded for help. Kloey left the hospital on her way to her sister’s rescue. Afraid and alone, she left Kasino a text. Will Kasino get to Kloey and her sister in time? Or will they be at the mercy of a crazy man lurking inside?

Kasino had his share of drama as well. His older brother’s wife had been attacked at work. Of course, he came to his sister-in-law’s defense. However, he might have gone too far this time. There was a deceased man and a warrant out for his arrest. It would be in his best interest to say at home, but will he? Kloey needed him badly. Will he risk it all again to save her once more?

The Night A Rich Thug Save Me 3 is mind-blowing with plot twists throughout. This love story is one of a kind.