the night a rich thug saved me 2

The Night A Rich Thug Saved Me 2

When Kasino’s body landed on top of mine, I didn’t know he was trying to protect me…

Kloey was thrilled when Kasino showed up to her parents’ anniversary party. She looked forward to spending personal time with her boss and possibly stealing a kiss in the process. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that Kasino would be on top of her in a nasty dumpster. She was so heated when he threw her like a frisbee on top of a bed of trash. Instinctively, she didn’t know whether to be mad at him or tap into her feminine energy, taking full advantage of this private moment with him. 

Kasino’s intense attraction to Kloey was absolutely insane. He wanted to throw caution to the wind when Kloey offered herself to him out of fear. As badly as he wanted to take her up on her offer, he turned her down. He might be from the streets, but he was a gentleman at heart. His natural instinct was to protect Kloey, especially when he sensed a threat nearby.

Kasino and Kloey thought their special night was ruined due to a huge misunderstanding. What they don’t know was a weird turn of events was in the works. Not only will this be a life-changing night, but they also have no idea if they will even survive the so called Demon Night. The Night A Rich Thug Save Me 2 is an action-packed, drama filled, and emotionally charged love story with plot twists, betrayal, and relationships problems.