the night a rich thug saved me

The Night A Rich Thug Saved Me

He’s her billionaire boss…and the only man who can save her.

Kasino Billionaire is irresistible. A good-looking, charming man. Too bad because he has sworn off relationships forever. He was sick and tired of women betraying him. After his ex-girlfriend left him for his childhood friend and another woman that he fell for setting him up, he was done with love. However, not even a man as heartbroken as Kasino could deny the alluring beauty of Kloey.

Kloey Clarke is mesmerizing. Men fawn over her exotic features, butt-length hair, and inviting curves. Too bad she’s not interested in dating. After missing several years of her life due to an undiagnosed illness, she was finally cured. As a result, her parents were broke. They had to sell everything, going from riches to rags.

Deep down inside, Kloey felt as if her parent’s current struggles were all her fault. Determined to give them the anniversary party they deserve, she vows to get a job in order to pay back the money she borrowed.

From the moment Kloey applied for a job at Kasino’s luxury resort, their fate had been sealed. They were thrust together involuntarily, changing both of their lives forever.

As they continued to get to know each other on a deeper level, Kasino sees two cars creeping down the street. He is sure that they are about to do something stupid. Will Kasino be able to shield Kloey from danger? Or will she be a casualty, ending their love before it can blossom?