The Essence Of A Side Chick

After finding out her husband had a baby on her, Mariah makes the decision to leave him for good. With limited places to go, she decides to go stay with her favorite cousin Monique. She knows if nobody else is going to help her get away from Shawn, Monique will. It’s no secret how the two despise each other in public. However, nobody knows that behind closed doors they’re two completely different people. Monique is obsessed with him and wants nothing more than to be in Mariah’s shoes. So, of course, Monique never wanted Mariah to go back home to her husband. And there were no lengths to what she would do to keep them apart.

Determined to end Mariah and Shawn’s marriage, Monique makes it a point to show Mariah a whole new world. She reintroduces Mariah to a childhood friend by the name of Dream. He seems to be the answer to all of Mariah’s problems. Dream quickly introduces her to a luxurious world flooded with hidden pleasures, dangers, and riches. Still, even with the dangers that came with Dream, Mariah was certain she was finding peace and happiness until she realized life with Dream came with bigger problems than she wanted. Problems that could cost Mariah her life.

With a crazy ex on the loose and more than one bullseye on her head, Mariah’s life quickly spirals out of control. Mariah must work hard to stay alive, defeat her enemies and make it to see her happily ever after. Will Mariah be able to win the secret wars that are waging against her? Or will she be defeated by one of Dream’s enemies, her soon-to-be ex-husband, or his side chick, her cousin?