The Don’s Wife: An Urban Romance Novel

All it took was one night for LaKerrica’s whole world to turn upside down. After losing everything she focuses on taking care of her son and dealing with her enemies, both known and unknown. When she meets Jaehkel she cannot figure out why a Don would have an interest in her. Will she be able to save her heart when the truth is revealed? Jaehkel was a man who lived life with no regrets, that was until one night of shoot outs and broken promises. When the victim of his mistake crosses his path again can he make things right? Or will he make things worse than they already were? Loving LaKerrica was never a part of his plan but love usually has a path of its own.

Mirage finally found the man she wanted to spend her life with. But why was she attracted to his silent, creepy friend? Ignoring all the warning signs she continues to play with fire all while fighting her feelings for the mysterious Caeru. With each kill, Caeru found himself growing number than the one before. He hasn’t cared about or for anyone as long as he could remember until he meets Mirage. She brought his heart back to life when all he wanted was to keep it dead. Forcing her to give him some of her time he can no longer deny the love he feels. But when she finds out who his family is will, he even has a chance?