The Daughter Of A Cali Kingpin

Meet Tayshawn Moss, a 24-year-old nightclub owner and rising drug cartel leader in Southern California. He’s engaged to the stunning Yanni Munroe, the love of his life since high school. But everything changes when he meets Xiomara Simone Li, a brilliant lawyer and daughter of the area’s most notorious drug lord. Despite their attraction, Xiomara is off-limits, and Tayshawn finds himself torn between his loyalty to Yanni and his growing feelings for Xiomara. Will he choose love or loyalty?

Xiomara was sent away from home at 16 to study in Boston, but now she’s back in Southern California to start her career as a lawyer. Her older sister Xalaiya urges her to let loose and attend a club party, where she meets the charismatic Tayshawn. Sparks fly, but Xiomara knows that getting involved with someone from the wrong side of the law could ruin her career and her family’s reputation. Can she resist Tayshawn’s charm and stay true to her values?

In this thrilling tale of love and loyalty, Tayshawn and Xiomara must navigate the dangerous world of drug cartels while facing their own conflicting emotions. Will they find a way to be together, or will their circumstances tear them apart?