The Committed Side Chick: Amira & Grip Story

Amira is the princess of the McKenzie family. What she wanted is what she got, except the one thing that was out of everyone’s control. After helping to break her own heart, she thought her new man was the answer to all her problems. At least until Grip comes back into her life. Will she choose the man she still loves or the one she is with?

Grip was serious about his money and killing anyone who got in the way of making it. He never planned to fall in love with his best friend’s sister. But Amira did something to his soul. Nothing good lasts forever, and one fateful night shrouded in secrets and pain ruins his good thing. Being in Amira’s presence, once again, has Grip determined to get her back. But will his girlfriend let him go a second time?

When secrets are ignored and locked away, chaos follows. Can this couple make it through? Join the McKenzies on this final ride to see if love conquers all!