The Committed Side Chick

Bestselling author Tina Marie returns with a riveting romance, The Committed Side Chick, a new series unlike any other.

For the McKenzie men, being on top in the streets came easy. But when it came to finding love, they were not so lucky.

Remee McKenzie, the oldest of the McKenzie boys, has been with the love of his life Rumor since high school. However, his constant infidelities and wild ways have devastating consequences destroying the relationship between the two.
Rumor has literally been through hell and back with Remee only for him to walk away and be with someone else. Except even when he is supposed to be out of her life it’s like he never left. Tired of living in a painful cycle with Remee, Rumor takes breaking up with him into her own hands. Will Remee lose the people he loves the most for good or will he find a way to make things, right?

Sire McKenzie, Remee’s younger brother met Arabella at a time in her life when she needed him most. Unfortunately, they are torn apart by outside forces. Their time together even though brief leaves a lasting impression on them both. When they meet again years later, Sire barges his way back into Arabella’s life, causing her to fall in love all over again. All while leaving out secrets that will break her heart.

Arabella has moved on from her horrific past and is now happy. Even though she doesn’t have much, she can give her son a stable life and that is all that matters. At least until Sire walks back into her world. Now her heart wants a man who has always been out of her league. Will she last in his world or lose him once again?

Cahir McKenzie, a cousin to the McKenzie brothers, is the definition of a damaged thug. He is a king in the streets and the one who took his family out of the slums. Yet his attitude toward the opposite sex is vicious and degrading, at least until he meets Eternity. She began to unfreeze his ice-cold soul, but it only makes him want to hurt her before she can hurt him. When he says the unthinkable, will Eternity ever forgive him?

Eternity is a single mother who works double-time to give her son the life he deserves. Meeting Cahir was never a part of the plan. Seeing more to him than just a killer in the streets, Eternity’s heart begun to yearn for Cahir. However, his actions showed her that they could never be. Will she give up on loving a bad boy or put up a fight?

Will these couples’ journeys finally end in true love? Or will it all come tumbling down, in the end, leading straight to disaster? Find out in the first installment of The Committed Side Chick, which is now available via Amazon.