The Autobiography Of A Project Chick

Three authors. Three characters. One gritty romance story. The Autobiography Of A Project Chick has all the drama that’ll keep you on your toes. 

Girlfriends Bianca, Janiah, and Coco know all about the struggles of life growing up in Detroit’s notorious King Homes Projects. So well, that they’d do anything to escape them. Setbacks, fistfights, rumors, and non-stop drama have the girls fed up with their current life; yet coping the best way they see fit. Unfortunately, everyone must go through their own darkness to see the light. As the drama reaches an all-time high, how do the girls decide when enough is enough?

Twenty-five-year-old Coco Brown thought she’d lucked up when she met Flex Carter. Captivated by her beauty, Flex wastes no time snatching her out of the projects and moving her into one of his lavish townhomes far away from the concrete jungle she grew up in. For four years, Coco is provided with everything a girl could need and want, as long as she promises to give Flex one thing: loyalty. Unfortunately, Coco can’t hold up to her end of the bargain, causing her life to change drastically overnight. Back to the one place she desperately didn’t want to be, she is soon struck with another devastating blow. Almost overnight, Coco finds herself barreling full speed towards rock bottom. As she struggles to come up with a solution to get her back on her feet, she meets Axle — a drug dealer who may mean her more harm than good.

Janiah believes that she and her child’s father Tommy are going to be together forever. Sadly she soon realizes her forever is never going to happen. When Janiah learns that Tommy has been lying and cheating, she feels betrayed. Her first thoughts are to walk away and forget him; however, Tommy’s obsessive ways make it impossible for her to do so.Drama is at an all-time high once Janiah begins taking the necessary steps to move on with her life.

Like a dream come true, Janiah’s entire life is changed once she crosses paths with Vontae. He seems to be her Prince Charming. Though, even he has a few secrets of his own that could ruin their love before it even begins. Will Janiah be able to keep her head above water as she battles for a new start? Or will she let Tommy ruin her chances with Vontae? Two men fighting for her heart. Will either of them succeed in capturing it?

Bianca is the definition of a ride or die chick straight out of the Martin Luther King projects. She’s down for getting to the money by any means necessary; including, getting over on the government and running credit card scams with her longtime boyfriend and child’s father, Roddrick. However, when she realizes that she has given too much of herself, only to receive too little in return, letting go and moving on seems next to impossible… until she meets him. Major is tall, handsome, rich, and very much unavailable. He introduces her to a life she never knew existed, a high she never wanted to come down from, and the most drama she’s ever experienced in her life. After almost losing everything — including her housing, her sanity, and her life — she realizes that she needs to reevaluate her choices. But will it be too late?

Find out in the African American Women’s Fiction standalone, The Autobiography of a Project Chick.