The Autobiography Of A Hustler’s Wife 3

“She’s a lady on the move, hustling and grinding with her beauty and her brain; she’s on a mission to be the best her, she can be.” ~ J. Iron Word

Book two ends with a beautiful and happy day turning into an unimaginative and a never-ending nightmare. In this final installment, lives are dangled, hearts are mingled, and futures are unknown. For the best friends, October, Meghan, Zoey, and Paris, they are in a better position than they have ever been in before, with men who love them and careers that elevate them, transitioning them from straight hustlers to hustlers’ wives. However, life just keeps sticking its middle finger up at them, making them dance to a beat that leaves them breathless.

However, their hustling mentality keeps them grinding, makes them more aware, and hones in on their keen sensibility of protecting each other and the people that they truly love. Despite the turmoil that life throws at them and constantly trying to keep them in check, King, Rush, Carter, and Q are finding out that they “can’t go wrong with a woman who… Hustles like a N*gga, Cooks like a Mom, has the Sex appeal of a stripper, & makes you Laugh like your best friend!”~

Single or married. Legit or illegal. Embedded in their souls. Imprinted in their hearts. Constantly on their minds. For October, Meghan, Zoey, and Paris, hustling is their way of life. And no matter what happens in life, the hustle continues.