The Autobiography Of A Hustler’s Wife 2

From national bestselling authors comes The Autobiography Of A Hustler’s Wife 2 that’s as gritty and intense as the last with an ending that’ll shake you to the core.


For best friends, October, Meghan, Zoey, and Paris, hustling was their way of life. It was their go-to mentality. They all had heard Fifty Cents’ “Get Rich or Die Trying” over the years. The quad was all for getting rich but phuck the dying part.

At the end of book one, lives were endangered and circumstances were chaotic. Living to see the next second was an unknown entity. Picking up where book one left off, in The Autobiography of A Hustler’s Wife 2, the friends are set on a road of unfamiliar territory. Their hustling ways are being questioned and challenged at the same time. The friends become more indebted to Money Mafia, but will it cause friction in their friendship/sisterhood? Will hustling be proven to be the one thing that continues to elevate them? Or will it prove to be their biggest downfall?

Heartache is null until it can’t be avoided. Change is inevitable and definitely will come. Lives will shift, but love will see them through. The hustle will change, but the grind will remain the same. Grab a seat and take a ride with October, Meghan, Zoey, and Paris as they embark on another rollercoaster ride and try to navigate the tunnels of life and hustling.

Publisher’s Note: This is book two of a three-book series. This story ends in a cliffhanger.