The Autobiography Of A Hustler’s Wife

“Eat with your friends. Don’t compete with them. The hustle is against poverty… not friendship.” ~GQ Gangsta Quotes

This is exactly the code childhood and best friends October, Meghan, Zoey, and Paris live by. They hustle for and with each other. Getting into trouble isn’t anything new to them. Except now, their hustle is elevated to supply the lifestyle that each of them wants.

Getting money is their main concern. With their hustling mentality, they are always looking for what’s next. Finding the right niche to add to their resumé is the problem. Coming across a lucrative situation is right down their alley, but what happens when their new money maker causes more problems than they realize? Will they be able to handle the issues that arise? Will they still be down for each other?

In book one of this blazing hot new African American Urban Fiction series, hustling by any means necessary is the way of life. Love is for suckas until it finds its way in. Revenge is an after thought until that one loose end unravels. Best-selling authors Twyla T., Patrice Balark, Dani Littlepage, and J. Dominique collide once again to bring you another steamy five star series, The Autobiography of A Hustler’s Wife. Get to know October, Meghan, Zoey, and Paris as they hustle hard and secure the bag. Warning: Cliffhanger!