The Autobiography Of A Hitta’s Wife

This is the urban tale of three sisters’ their ups, downs, and the secrets that are not as deeply buried as they think.

One night was all it took to turn Xa’Hari’s life upside down. Her mother became her enemy, and all she had were her sisters to lean on. Just when Xa thought all was lost, she meets Da’Ville. He became her protector, provider, and, most of all, her friend. He treated her the way every woman dreamed of. Da’Ville soon became the man that she had fallen in love with, and the very first man to obliterate her heart.

Da’Ville Boss was just that a boss. Unfortunately, Da’Ville’s lifestyle had no room for a girlfriend, and falling in love was definitely not on his to-do list. After meeting Xa’Hari Washington, she has him breaking all his rules, and he finds it impossible to leave her alone. Once Da’Ville finally decides to give love a chance, the secrets he’s tried to keep hidden comes to the surface. This jeopardizes everything they’d built.

Dakari Boss is done with the games and is ready to do a one-eighty with his life.  He put away his guns and knives and got a law degree, with hopes of mentoring young black men to stay out of prison. With his career on track and millions secured, Dakari was ready to conquer a mate. With no efforts of a hunt or chase, the perfect woman for him walked into his office by mistake. After learning her situation, he instantly wanted to protect her and save her from a man she called Rome.

ZaBryah Harper married for love; yet, is now facing the hardest situation of her life. Too afraid to let her family in on her marital secrets, ZaBryah turns to a complete stranger— named Dakari Boss, to rescue her from her horrible marriage. Walking into his office by mistake, she opened up to him about her situation, and he offered to help her. She desperately accepts his help, not knowing that they would quickly connect emotionally.

While trying to divorce Rome, he becomes a greater nightmare to ZaBryah than he ever was when they were together. Dakari is ready to do anything necessary to give her peace. Even if that means coming out of retirement. But will his past send Z running? Or will she let his past be what it is and let him make it all right for her and her son?

Xstaci Washington is a gorgeous socialite, with a killer body and an infectious personality. Always the life of the party, she only went to college to please her parents. Her life changes forever when she is recorded at a party behaving like a professional stripper. Popular for all the wrong reasons, she decides to use it to her advantage to earn some extra cash. Never on time for class, Davinci Boss becomes her new sworn enemy. His daily demonstration of dislike for her was apparent when she eased in late repeatedly. Fine as hell physically, but the ass in him made her want to give him an eye-roll, followed by her middle finger.

Davinci Boss is one that some would call a thug. The ones who truly knew him called him a killa. Accomplished, he vowed to be the best person he could be for himself and to others. Since losing his mother to crack, and his father to the prison system, he and his big brother, end up in foster care. Later rescued by his aunt Maxine and her husband, they then had an opportunity to grow up in a healthy and wealthy environment.

Now a college student and on the dean’s list, Davinci’s goal is to resign from his life as a hitman and go legit like his older cousin Dakari. With the rest of his life all planned in his mind, he meets Xstaci. One of the most beautiful women he’d ever laid eyes on. He quickly discovers that her life is a hot mess. She’s the exact opposite of what he wanted in a woman, but one night changed all of that. Both despising each other at first, soon stopped battling their feelings for one another and gave in. Will their love survive the haters, stray bullets, and differences? Or will the obstacles they are faced with be too much for each other to handle?