That’s My Type: A Hood Love Story

Every woman has a certain type of man that they desire. Some want the thug type with the muscles and the nice tattoos. While others want the six pack and sculpted beard type. Then there are women who desire a regular dude with no kids, a job and baby mama drama free. Although, we can’t forget the chicks that want a rich dope boy that’s going to pay all the bills, showering them with expensive gifts, shopping sprees, and luxury cars. But of course with that comes the side chicks; the Thots are an extra bonus.

However, with Tianna, she’d thought she had found her a rich thug, bae, and bad boy when she’d found Cortez. He was everything that she thought she wanted in a man. Then the ultimate happened. Nothing out of the norm that mostly every man has, a WHOLE OTHER WOMAN on the side; or even worse, Tianna was probably the side chick and didn’t even know it. What African American Queen wouldn’t be heart-broken after something so devastating as that?

After almost losing her mother, she became so engrossed in work and ensuring they had a place to live that she blamed herself for Cortez betrayal. Life started to become too much for her between the mental stress and depression he caused; until, a blessing came out of nowhere the day that she meet Donavan “Cream” Latham.

At first sight, she knew that Cream was not her type. He had this prince charming thug appeal that she was taught to stay away from. However, that seemingly made her want him more.

Ladies, I’m Tianna, and here’s a word of advice from me. I’m not gonna sit here and lie to you, I love myself a handsome man that’s rough around the edges, and don’t let him be in the streets or fresh out the streets. Or…I’ll just let you’ll see what’s going on with my crazy world once you get inside this book.