That D Hit Different When He Broke 3

From authors Shanice B. & Shontaiye Moore comes That D Hit Different When He Broke 3, an astonishing, African American Urban Romance filled with page-turning drama, deception, and more gripping romance. 

The drama never seems to end for Lexi. For her, meeting Meech was one of the best things that has happened to her in a while. Unfortunately, that changes when everyone else’s skeletons come rolling out of the closet causing trouble in paradise for the two. Will Lexi and Meech’s budding relationship last? Or will it come to a screeching halt from the hands and sins of others?

Just when Nivea feels like things can’t get any worse, her last bit of sanity is nearly snatched from her. No longer holding on to Kyree, she finds the courage to finally walk away. His actions have forced her to turn her back on Kyree and turn the page to a new chapter in her life.  Despite enduring endless pain and suffering, she still decides to open up and be loved again. Malachi is her idea of the perfect man; however, Nivea knows first-hand that there is no such thing as perfect. Like everyone else, Malachi has his own set of issues he’s dealing with. Will Nivea and Malachi be able to get their love connection off the ground? Or are they both too broken to experience true love for the first time?