That D Hit Different When He Broke 2

From authors Shanice B. & Shontaiye Moore comes That D Hit Different When He Broke 2, a jaw-dropping, African American Urban Romance sequel loaded with more heartbreak, new love, and page-turning drama. 

After kicking Andre to the curb, Lexi is ready to move forward and focus on herself. However, that changes when she’s introduced to a new man. Meech is attractive, charming, and available. He also happens to be fresh out of jail with no money and unexpected baggage. Lexi’s hesitant, but with Meech’s reassurance, she decides to give it a shot. As expected, her mother, Kiesha, isn’t for it. She wants to know are Meech’s intentions pure? Or is he another Andre—a man who uses, lies, and has secrets of his own?

Nivea must make a mind-over-heart decision about her child’s father Kyree. She’s finally found the courage to walk away; however, she still finds herself being drawn back to him for all the wrong reasons. When a new man by the name of Malachi enters into her life, he’s like a breath of fresh air for Nivea. She’s ready to leave her past behind her, but Kyree has no intentions of letting her go that easy. He’s willing to do and say anything to keep her bound to him. The attraction she has for Malachi is instant, but Kyree quickly steps in and shakes things up. Will Malachi and Nivea stand a chance? Or will she let Kyree ruin her new beginning before it even starts?