Terms & Conditions Of Creepin With A Rich Boss

When it comes to success, Remee Jackson will stop at nothing to get it. Working at a manufacturing plant was never on her list of dream jobs, but she uses it as a stepping stone to get to where she needs to be. She has dreams of becoming a full-time writer, but until then, she’s working overtime until her dreams come true. With her man by her side and an amazing support system in her corner, she feels unstoppable. However, she soon realizes that her reality is just an illusion when she experiences heartbreak unlike any other. Everything that she built has been taken away. Forced to start over, she tries her best to remain optimistic after public indiscretions, fights, and domestic disputes. Remee turns her focus to rebuilding her life solo. But can she stick to her guns when she meets Chosen?

Chosen Mayfield lives the life that young hustlers could only dream of. As the head of a multi-million-dollar drug operation, he moves to the beat of his own drum in every aspect of his life. He has the money, the cars, and a loyal wife who allows him the freedom to do as he pleases. Or so he thought. The women in his life test his patience in more ways than one. It ain’t easy being a rich boss, and he soon realizes that more problems will always come with more money and more women.