Tempted By A Billionaire Bad Boy

Always be optimistic they say, but how about when your life gets worse on the day it’s supposed to turn around?

Sage Kennedy had a natural beauty that couldn’t be ignored, but she possessed the ugliest luck a girl could have. Struck with tragedy and dealing with loss, she is left wondering if anything good would ever come to her life. That was until she ran into Boston Banks, the head of the Billionaire gang and the man behind the bullets that recently pierced her heart.

Boston was the opposite of Sage in every aspect of life. He was ninety percent bad and only ten percent good which was just enough to spread with the few he loved. Rich, sexy, and flat out hardcore, everyone knew Boston was nothing to be played with. And he was all about his money.
The only weakness he had was his baby brother Brinnon, who came with more issues than Jet magazine.

Brinnon has a baby face, but grown man problems that always get eliminated with the help of his brother’s gang. Brinnon’s basketball skills were one of his greatest talents and only number two to his ability to get women. Brinnon’s wide eye for beautiful girls is what led him to Draya Westbrook, the best friend of Sage, and the reason all their lives intertwine. What happens after temptation, lust, and a smile change everything they know?

Will their desires play a part in everyone’s downfall? Or will temptations for a bad boy pay off in more ways than just one?