Taken By A Wealthy Man 2

Taken By A Wealthy Man 2

Taken by a Wealthy Man 2 takes you right back into the heart of the city where love and loyalty are on the line. This is the hood love story you’ve been waiting for, with the drama cranked up to the max.

Dream’s made a choice that might cost Levi his life, and it’s thrown her world into chaos. At the same time, her relationship with Kilo is getting serious. They’ve got a deep connection that words can’t explain.

But life isn’t letting Kilo rest easy. His past catches up with him when Jacori comes back on the scene. Now, Kilo’s got to make hard choices that could break his family apart. He’s always known that it’s loyalty, not blood, that makes a family.

Journee’s also got her share of trouble. Life’s thrown a curveball her way and it’s testing her relationship with Maze. Will she stay strong, or break under the pressure?

Taken by a Wealthy Man 2 is a ride through the ups and downs of urban life. Love, drama, and family are tested. Will their ties hold, or will everything they’ve built come crashing down? This urban romance is sure to keep your heart racing and your mind buzzing. You won’t want to miss it.