Taken By A Rich Beast

Taken By A Rich Beast

Years after the devastating loss of his wife and child, Demitri has isolated himself from the world, his heart hardened and his trust shattered. As an alpha man, he has no intention of letting anyone close again, relying solely on his loyal right-hand man and his dedicated staff. However, when Arabella Scott, a resilient African American woman escaping an abusive relationship, unexpectedly stumbles into his life, everything changes.

Arabella is determined to rebuild her life and regain her independence, but finding herself stuck with someone as brusque and short-tempered as Demitri tests her resolve. Despite their initial mistrust and clashing personalities, the undeniable attraction between them ignites, promising a second chance at love for both.

As their walls begin to crumble, Demitri must confront his painful past and the guilt that haunts him, while Arabella struggles with the fear of trusting another man with her heart. In this heartfelt and passionate African American romance, discover what happens when two damaged souls collide and find healing in each other.

Will Demitri open his heart to love again? Can Arabella learn to trust and find happiness after so much pain? Dive into this emotional journey of redemption, trust, and second chances in J. Dominique’s standalone novel, where love defies all odds.

Taken By A Rich Beast: A BBW-Plus Sized Romance Standalone Novel by J. Dominique