Summer Love In The Ghetto 2

Take an unforgettable ride with new author Nae P in this riveting, drama filled finale full of drama, heartbreak, and even more sacrifices than Summer could’ve ever imagine.

Part II picks up right where Part I left off.

What was supposed to be the highlight of Summer’s life, turned out to be more than what she bargained for. Forced to deal with multiple tragedies, she finds herself going down a slippery slope. With all of her key people out of the loop, Summer struggles to separate the good from the bad. Left to fend for herself, will she fold under pressure? Or will she level up to her current circumstances?

Chase has done the unthinkable. After making numerous promises to Summer and Sunny Boy, he failed to deliver on the one thing that she tried to avoid, heartbreak. With constant drama brewing, Chase finds himself running in circles to right his wrongs. Can Chase redeem himself? Or will he face with the consequences of his careless actions?

In the finale of Summer Love in the Ghetto II, take a ride with Summer and Chase as they face some major life lessons. Will they get the happy ending that they both hoped for?