Spoiled By A Hood Billionaire 2

Spoiled By A Hood Billionaire 

With Chyna and Blessyn taken away, Biggz springs into action without a second’s thought. He’s set in his move through danger-filled city streets, coming through opponents to make sure Chyna and Blessyn safely come back home. But their homecoming doesn’t, in fact, round up everything, as loyalties are tested and secrets begin to reveal themselves, putting Biggz in a fix. He has a tug-of-war between his pride and his heart, walking the tightrope. Fighting the inner demons, he faces by baring the painful truths of the past, at every unpredicted twist, Biggz finds himself nailed to excruciating choices that challenge his loyalty but believes that in the end one thing alone—family comes first.

Blessyn goes deep into the heart of Biggz’s world and produces unearthed realities that would break the link they have knitted. Even her relationship would be tested by their faithfulness to each other, as she wrestles with an opportunity to be in love with a man of great wealth and complexity. As their secrets are exposed and the terrible truths of what really went on during one terrifying week come out, they find themselves both torn and compelled to stick together—or break up.

“Spoiled by a Hood Billionaire 2” weaves a tale of love, betrayal, and the strong desire of a love that defies all. Biggz and Blessyn know that they are playing with fire, and even the slightest mistake could cause them to lose their relationship. Join them on this roller-coaster ride one more time to see how on earth “being loved by a billionaire” could possibly have its ups and downs—serious, even life-threatening challenges. Can the love shared survive the tests put before them?