Side Chicks, Hood Bosses & Dirty Laundry

Broken ties seem to be the story of Monica’s life. Monica, has been in a long-term relationship with Ace. And with all of the years they’ve put into this relationship, it should work seamlessly. Unfortunately, no matter how perfect their relationship seems to be, Monica is always unhappy. Self-sabotage is real, and Monica has grown tired of her happy home being uprooted time and time again.

Aside from Monica’s drama, her bestfriend Tyunna struggles with a bitter baby daddy who’d rather her be miserable with him than happy without him. Coming from an abusive home, she tolerates him for her son’s sake. But when Deuce steps in and shuts things down, will Tyunna choose to stay miserable or be happy?

Will Monica’s dream of her perfect life with Elijah end once secrets are exposed? Or is she already broken? Has Tyunna’s misery caused her the love that she deserved?

Find out what happens when worlds collab, truths are told, and hearts are broken.