She Got Another Man Around My Kids

She Got Another Man Around My Kids

No matter if it’s a baby daddy, ex-boyfriend or cheating husband. All of them like to use the phrase: Don’t be having my kids around another man. Tuh, we tired just like that phrase.

After nine years, three kids, and zero rings, Kaila Moffett has had enough. A powerhouse in her own right, Kaila is tired of waiting for her baby daddy, Charvo Harris, to step up. Despite their long history and shared children, Charvo’s empty promises and waning commitment leave her feeling more alone than ever. Fed up with his other women, embarrassment and heartbreak, Kaila is ready to close this chapter or better yet the whole book and start a new one.

Tyree Roman, a man who’s turned his life around after being a heavy weight boss throughout the state of Florida. Now a devoted father and a businessman, Tyree knows how to provide and protect, but his love life remains a gaping void. He’s everything a woman could dream of, yet his own heart longs for a love that feels like home.

When destiny connects Kaila and Tyree’s paths, it’s like one man trash is the next man treasure. As Kaila bravely steps away from her toxic past, she finds an unexpected ally in Tyree. Together, they explore the depths of trust and affection, while navigating the challenges of co-parenting and past entanglements.

“She Got Another Man Around My Kids” is a stirring African American romance that dives deep into the realms of love, resilience, and the courage to find happiness against all odds. It’s a story for every woman ready to reclaim her heart and rewrite her future. Grab your copy today and join Kaila and Tyree as they discover what it means to truly love and be loved. If you’re a fan of second chance love, rich Alpha men with cocky attitudes, this one is for you.