Saved By The Millionaire Next Door

Saved By The Millionaire Next Door

Have you ever found yourself in a situation so wrong it started feeling right? When your head screams no, but your heart whispers yes? Join Brielle, Gia, and Marley in a web of toxicity and betrayal, where they’re in too deep with men they shouldn’t be involved with – the kind of “I knew better, but I did it anyway” tale.

Brielle, a successful real estate agent, juggles a busy life that creates a rift with her boyfriend, Rigel. Seeking romance elsewhere, she dives into an affair with a man who’s strictly off-limits. To complicate matters, her long-lost sister, Gia, arrives in town, adding a new layer of trouble.

Gia, no stranger to chaos, unexpectedly reunites with her childhood friend Knight, now married to a mutual friend. Despite their marital commitments, their forbidden attraction ignites, especially with Knight living just next door. Temptation lurks a mere few feet away, and neither can resist its pull.

Marley Shade, busy running the first black-owned medical system in North Carolina alongside her husband Knight, forgets she needs care too. A much-needed girl’s trip leads her into the arms of another man, someone who held her heart before she could say no.

“Saved by the Millionaire Next Door” isn’t your typical love story. It’s a twisted narrative of what happens when she wants him, he wants her, yet they both belong to someone else. Dive into a tale where wrong choices feel right and passion blurs the lines of commitment. For fans of second chance romance, cheating husbands, single women that love Alpha men.