Saved By An A-Town Millionaire

Saved By An A-Town Millionaire

In the lowdown, heartless world of one Chicago’s meanest projects, Chicago Parker, better known as “Chi”, had more than just the streets to battle. Alongside her dreams of escaping the poverty-stricken world, she fought against the weight of society’s expectations — both the scale’s and the whispers of men and so called boyfriends from her past. “You cute for a big girl,” they’d say, a backhanded compliment that pierced deeper than any insult. Yet, Chi’s spirit remained unbroken; she wore her curves with pride and her head held high, kept the mindset of the Queen that needed to straighten her crown and keep moving.

Her way out of Chicago was a full ride scholarship to Atlanta, but when the A-Town and dirty south night life knocks her off her path, Chi’s resilience is tested. Through it all, she refuses to be defined by others or be any man’s side chick again or getting treated like the left-over celery sticks from a twelve piece all flat chicken dinner.

Then, against the stars of Atlanta’s high life, she meets Rylo — a self-made street-millionaire from the heart of the A-Town streets or “The South Side” With his love for luxury living, fast cars such as Hell Cats, Bentleys etc. And a particular soft spot for strong, beautiful women, their worlds collide in a passionate tangle of love, ambition, raw emotion and a lot of cheating and hood love.

As Chi navigates this new world, the ghosts of her past, and the sting of old wounds resurface. Rylo, faced with the depth of Chi’s vulnerabilities and strengths, is pulled into an emotional whirlwind. Will he be the one to finally see Chi for who she truly is, beyond the weight and the heartbreaks? Or will his ties to the streets, paying for other women BBL’S and love for money stand in their way?

Tasha Mack presents an authentic hood romance, capturing the essence of urban life and the complexities of love. In a story where pain meets passion, and past meets possibility, prepare to be captivated by a love that feels as real as the challenges it faces. Dive into a narrative that celebrates strength, love, and the journey to self-acceptance in a world that often turns its back. Sometimes, that old Toxic love can be deadly.