Ridin’ Dirty With A Down South Millionaire 2

Love is something Munchie never imagined herself finding, especially not with a millionaire who already has his own personal problems. Being invited into his world comes as a surprise but not more than the situations that followed falling in love with him. Bishop seems like the answer to her prayers. Until the reality of being a rider sets in, and she realizes its consequences to her actions. Everything comes with a price, but will it be a price she’s willing to pay?

Bishop finally allows himself to get caught up in a woman, which is something he swears never to do. Traumatized by his past, he’s still dealing with a lot mentally. But when Munchie’s past pops up and becomes his problem, everything changes, including her. Bad habits are hard to break, and when his own decisions pushes his wife into the arms of his best friend, things will never be the same again.