Ridin’ Dirty With A Down South Millionaire

Munchie is the type of girl who doesn’t have the “perfect shape” or “prettiest face.” She’s considered to be the shy type who hates anything risky. That is until trouble comes knocking on her door and an opportunity to make money lands on her lap. What was supposed to be a one-time drug run turns into so much more after she gets a taste of the fast life and attention from a millionaire who seems out of her league. However, if she knows that will lead to her becoming pregnant by his best friend behind his back, she wonders would she have continued.

Bishop is a self-made millionaire who isn’t searching for love. All he cares about is his money and his respect. When both are tested, he finds himself in the middle of the hood on a deadly mission. After getting help from an unlikely source, he realizes he can use her for a lot more, and it doesn’t take long before she’s in the palm of his hands and the center of his heart. The only thing is, the untold truth is behind her eyes, and when he finally discovers it, no one will be safe.

Riding dirty with a down south millionaire is all fun and games… until you realize there isn’t any seat belts.