Rich Thugs

Every thug needs a real woman to ride with him through the ups and downs of the dangerous lives that they live. On most occasions, a real thug will start from the bottom with nothing but heart and the ambition it requires to get rich. Every so often a woman would say that she needed a rich thug in her life, but how far would she be willing to go when times get tough again?
Meet Alonzo ‘Do Devil’ Johnson, a young, hungry, strong-minded street soldier with nothing but the drive and ambition to get rich and to get his family out of the projects. On his rise to power he experiences and learns how money will make your closest friends become your enemies, how men cross out one another over women, and how women will drop a once rich thug for a replacement.
Take an unforgettable ride with national-bestselling-author Cole Hart as he takes you to the streets of Augusta, Georgia; and into the underworld of some real rich thugs.