Red Keisha & Black Escobar 2: A Hood Love Story

Things were finally turning around for Keisha when tragedy struck, leaving her to deal with something so emotional that even prayers couldn’t help her out of it.

With Escobar by her side and the streets on his tail, the couple has to make a decision that could change their lives forever. Escobar is everything Keisha ever dreamed of. However, with his father standing in the way, she is forced to set some demands that might jeopardize the two and ruin everything they ever worked hard for.

After enduring so much pain from her toxic mother and brother, Jules is finally putting her foot down and reintroducing herself to everyone around her. Will her sisters embrace the change? Or turn their backs on the one person who loved them the most?

They say it’s family over everything, but they can also be the ones to tear you down first.


This is a must-read if you’re into African American romance, baby mama drama, and urban fiction! Dive into this unputdownable thug love story that’s full of cheating, divorce, and heartbreak.