Real Project Chicks Of Miami: A Hood Love Story 2

Iesha is out of prison and embracing her freedom once again until reality hits. Still feeling guilty about being responsible for Alexis’ death, while trying to get her life together, she can’t seem to shake the bad luck off of her. When her emotions were beginning to take a toll on her, she then meets Ant on a girls’ night that almost turned deadly for her and Toya.

Ant instantly wins Iesha heart over by saving two women who he hardly knew. With Iesha still stuck on her past, she makes it difficult for Ant to get close. It was not until Ant reveals something that everyone knew except Iesha which sends her on an emotional roller coaster — wanting her to seek revenge for the man who cost her, her freedom- Twan.

Toya is finally out of the hood, running her own business and raising her daughter how she wanted. Everything seems to be going perfect until her past comes back to haunt her and makes her lose focus of it all.

With both ladies distracted with life issues, an unexpected visit from Ms. Minerva gives them more than they could handle.
Will Ms. Minerva forgive them for the loss of her daughter or will she seek revenge?