Queens & Legends: A Down South Love Story

I love him…That’s it, that’s the status.

From Cole Hart Signature’s newest author A’zayler comes a heart-racing, down south love story about a woman who faces undying love and heart-shattering betrayal.

It’s weird and downright crazy how much you could love another person. Like, literally love everything about them. From the way they walk and talk; to the way they interact with others and handle business. More than that, the way they actively love you.

Before meeting Danye, I’d never known a love so strong and consuming. One that not only brought me happiness but made life worth living. My previous relationship nearly killed me, and out of nowhere, my “Yay” showed up. Being there. Comforting, protecting, and providing for me.

Danye breathed the life back into me. Without him, there would probably be no me. Which is why when the time came, I was ready and willing to sacrifice myself for him. Though, he’s not the type of man that would ever allow me to do that…I did it anyway and would do it again.

But I should have known. Any man capable of being what Danye has been to me would move mountains to make sure I’m always good.

Now, like only he can, he’s changed my life once again, but this time I’m not sure if it’s for the good.