Queens & Legends 3: A Down South Love Story

Just when Jasyn thought things couldn’t get any worse, they managed to do just that. A woman committed to simply loving her man and being happy, all she wished for things to work in her favor. Upon meeting Danye, she understood he would probably come with drama and women from his past, but what she hadn’t signed up for was the heartache and secrecy that came with it.

Already going through one thing after the next with Danye, the last thing Jasyn wanted to do was relive her past. Unfortunately, the skeletons from her closet had a way of falling out at all the wrong times. Doing her best to keep the biggest secret of her life from her best friend, Jasyn begins to fold from the pressure. What will she do if the truth behind Day’s murder finally comes out? Will she and Onyx remain friends, or will this be the one truth that becomes impossible for them to get over?

Love. That’s it. That’s all Onyx has known since being with Solaire. A patient and kind man with a heart ready to love, he’s welcomed her to a life worth living. One where she’s so unfamiliar with what genuine happiness feels like that all she knows to do is self-sabotage. Positive that she’s done all she could do to lose him, Onyx is surprised that Solaire refuses to give up on her.

Even when she’s given up on herself, Solaire refuses to do the same. Aware that Onyx was worth more than what she’d given herself credit for, he promises her and himself to do everything he can to ensure she sees her value. To love, protect, and truly nourish her most broken pieces, Solaire is willing and ready.

Wild, free, and the bad apple of the group, Isyss stumbles upon handsome, fun-loving Jake Xplicit. With more in common than either of them can deny, the two hit it off in such an explosive way that they can’t keep themselves apart.

If you’re looking for an invigorating, suspenseful, and heart-wrenching love story, this is the series for you!