Queens & Legends 2: A Down South Love Story


It’s crazy how deeply in love you can be with one person. What’s even crazier is how that same person that you love can make you hate them just as much. I never thought Danye and I would be one of those couples that loved just as hard as we hated. Nor did I think that I’d end up here…with him.

He was so perfect. Doing things for me that I couldn’t even do for myself. My heart was truly attached to his; they beat together. One didn’t work without the other, which was why when he chose to do what he did, I felt like dying. Luckily for me, Danye would never let that happen, but this was something neither of us could control. Even in our worst moments, he was still the best.



Ever met a man that you felt was just too good to be true? One that was so perfect that no matter how much self-love you practiced, you still didn’t feel like you were good enough for him? That’s how I feel about Solaire. He’s a dream come true. A knight in shining armor, my happily ever after, and all that other sweet stuff, and I still can’t believe it.

Even with me being the spawn of Satan, he’s still the angel that makes my world better. As hard as it was for me to accept, I really did deserve him. He was my sunshine after the rain, and I’m grateful to him every day for forcing me to see it myself. Hopefully, he’s here to stay, but with the luck I have, I wouldn’t count on it.