Property Of A Hood Millionaire

Falling for his hood rich energy ain’t no joke, especially when he has no plans of catching you.

Kiyomi Simmons finds herself caught up in a whirlwind situationship that leaves her with a broken heart. She has canceled ever loving again; until a by-chance encounter with the low-key and most definitely handsome Dodge Gamble gives her second thoughts. As she enjoys the luxuries of being single while still intensely yearning to be attached, she meets another fine suitor named Hendrix— who amps up the competition of winning her heart.

Dodge is reeling from a nasty break-up with his ex-girlfriend, Keisha. Already a lady’s man, the last thing he wants is to have just one woman by his side. But when sparks fly with an undeniable attraction for Kiyomi, he decides to shoot his shot. What he doesn’t know, or probably does to a certain extent, like a woman scorned Keisha isn’t walking away without putting up a fight.

Property of a Hood Millionaire is a love story capturing relatable drama that’s heart-pounding, sassy, and unputdownable. Centered around love or the lack thereof, experience the journey surrounding Kiyomi, Dodge, and their surrounding friends and family as they navigate life’s obstacles. Hands down one of the best series you’ll read this year. Period.