Pregnant By The Coldest Millionaire 4

Pregnant By The Coldest Millionaire 4

Love, secrets, and an unexpected twist—Will Noxi and Waka’s marriage survive?


Waka didn’t understand why our intimacy had faded. His comments about our love life stung, but what hurt more was his rejection of our baby. How could I tell him I might be pregnant, and it happened on our honeymoon? Waka wasn’t ready to be a father, and I feared he’d question everything about our relationship. I didn’t want to lose him over this secret, but I didn’t know how to tell him the truth. I was scared that revealing my secret would shatter our fragile love, leaving me to choose between my relationship with Waka and the life growing inside me.


Our love life had become as dry as the Sahara, and I couldn’t figure out why. It was as if Noxi couldn’t stand the sight of me. All of my efforts seemed to push her further away. Noxi has shut down emotionally, cutting me to the core. Whatever was bothering her, she kept bottled up inside, refusing to tell me. The tension was so thick that I had to leave my own house.

Caught between love and fear, Noxi and Waka must navigate the delicate balance of their relationship. One secret could ruin their marriage. Will their bond be strong enough to withstand the truth, or will the weight of unspoken words and hidden suspicions pull them apart? Dive into their world of urban romance and drama, and discover if love truly conquers all.

Fans of African American romance, rich alpha men, second chance love, and dramatic pregnancy stories won’t be able to put down Pregnant By The Coldest Millionaire 4 by Princess Diamond. This book delivers intense emotions, gripping drama, and the twists you crave.