Pregnant By The Coldest Millionaire 2

Pregnant By The Coldest Millionaire 2

Noxi’s anticipation for a quiet, romantic birthday dinner with Waka turned into a heartwarming surprise when she was greeted with a lavish birthday celebration in her honor. The night became even more magical when Waka, the man of her dreams, proposed, filling her heart with an overwhelming joy. As she said yes, they were both blissfully unaware that their perfect moment was about to take a dramatic turn, reshaping their love story in ways they never imagined.

Waka, whose heart was overflowing with love and dreams for their future, could never have predicted that the evening he so carefully planned would unravel into a nightmare. The celebration was shattered when Sol, his brother’s girlfriend and Noxi’s close friend, was critically injured, causing rifts within his family and once again putting Noxi’s life in jeopardy. Despite Waka’s fervent attempts to protect her, the incident proved that love and determination might not always be enough to keep danger at bay.

In the midst of the celebration, Sol’s life hung in the balance, marking her as an unintended victim of the night’s events. In her most vulnerable moment, she revealed to Wave, Waka’s brother, that they were expecting a child, a revelation that left him reeling with shock and fear at the prospect of losing Sol and their unborn child. Overcome with guilt for not being there to protect them, Wave found himself at a breaking point as the police wrongfully accused him of being responsible for Sol’s condition.

As turmoil enveloped their lives, the Wild Boys, bonded by loyalty and friendship, rallied around Waka and Wave. Determined to piece together the puzzle of the night’s tragic events, they utilized their street connections to seek the truth. Embarking on a mission fueled by love and the desire for justice, they aimed to restore peace and safety for their loved ones, proving that the power of love and brotherhood can confront and overcome the darkest challenges.

In part 2 of Pregnant By The Coldest Millionaire by Princess Diamond, you’re in for an unputdownable read. If you’re a fan of African American romance, rich Alpha men with cocky attitudes, and stories of love tested by trials, including cheating husbands, this one is for you.