Pregnant By My Best Friend’s Husband

Pregnant By My Best Friend’s Husband. To be happy in life, you must realize the difference between what you need and what you want. Never learning this lesson, Porscha Alexander overlooked the fact that all of her needs were met and found herself obsessed over the things she wanted. Including her best friend’s husband. Laced with beauty and brains, Porscha wanted everything handed to her on a silver platter. That was exactly what she got from her husband, Michael. Still, that wasn’t enough for her. Her greed and determination brought her more than she bargained for.

Michael considered himself to be a mogul in the real estate game. Partnered with his close friend, they were able to build their own company from the ground up. In fact, Michael stopped at nothing to achieve success. He prided himself on reading others and persuading them to follow his lead. So fixated on keeping up his fairytale lifestyle and keeping his secrets in the dark, he never saw his marriage falling apart.

Keyanna hung up her working shoes to be a full-time mother. The birth of her son was one of the greatest blessings she could’ve asked for. She always believed she had it all, but the sudden change in her husband’s behavior led to trust issues that neither of them was ready for. When giving the ultimatum to walk away from her marriage or her friendship with Porscha, the choice was easy for her; yet, unexpected by others.

Devon appeared to be the perfect man, at least to Keyanna. Owning his own construction and catering to Keyanna’s every need. Playing the role of “Father of the Year,” he is conflicted with bonding with his son or secretly living on the wild side.

National Bestselling Author, Mz. Biggs is back with Pregnant By My Best Friend’s Husband that bringing you twists and turns you’d never expect.