Pregnant By A Down South Millionaire

Pregnant By A Down South Millionaire

From the author that brought you the bestselling series: Taken By A Wealthy Man
“Sometimes our mothers’ advice hits hard, but when my Mama told me that all men are dogs, that ninety-nine percent of them will cheat, and one hundred percent of them will lie, she was speaking a painful truth. Some men are just overgrown little boys, never grasping that it’s time to man up. Let’s talk trust issues, shall we? Tuh. They might wine and dine you, but the second they figure out you’re not a woman to be trifled with, they switch up real quick.” Sincerely, a woman emotionally drained from being played and cheated on.

Doll, ever the hopeless romantic, has faced heartbreak more times than she’d care to admit. Finally, she summons the courage to kick her toxic ex, Jerrell, to the curb. Fast forward four years, and a bombshell secret shatters her world—a secret her entire family, including her so-called best friend Stoney, had been keeping from her. Heartbroken and disillusioned, Doll swears off love. That is, until she crosses paths with Scar, the epitome of the men she vowed to avoid.

Scar may have been born into wealth, but he didn’t rest on those laurels. Carving a name for himself in the gritty Montgomery streets, he now co-owns one of the most opulent hotel chains in the South. Money pours in, but something—or rather, someone—is missing. A seasoned player, Scar can have any woman swooning, all but one. Doll becomes a captivating challenge, a tantalizing puzzle he’s hell-bent on solving.

Contrary to his unsettling name, Schizo is a man of deep affection, especially for those he holds dear. Convinced he’s found his soulmate, he’s ready to dedicate his life to her. But then fate throws a wrench into his plans, leaving him emotionally torn between two women: one he loves, and one he’s helplessly in love with.

Meanwhile, Stoney’s heart is pulverized when she learns her relationship with Wade was built on lies. Her eyes wander towards forbidden territory—her enigmatic boss, Schizo. Emotions surge like an unstoppable wave, and now she harbors a secret—a secret that promises her the world, if she’s willing to shatter a few hearts to get it.