Plan B Drama & Baby Mama's

Plan B Drama & Baby Mama’s

Shayne Rogan thought she’d found the man of her dreams a decade ago. Elim Byers, with his handsome, smooth dripping brown skin and a family name everyone respected, had once been her world. He showered her with affection, making her believe in love. But, as time revealed his true colors, their fiery romance faded into a suffocating cloud of a whole lot of cheating and mistrust. Now, juggling the joys and pains of motherhood with two children, Shayne’s once-vivid dreams of love are overshadowed by the weight of reality.

Lord here comes Fion Wylde Katri, a man whose presence demands attention. Returning to oversee his family’s business, he didn’t expect to cross paths with a woman like Shayne. Both carry the baggage of past relationships — Wylde, tethered to a long-time girlfriend, and Shayne, still healing from Elim’s betrayals. Their undeniable connection and bond is crazy and unbreakable, but they tread carefully, trying to keep things strictly business.

However, when troubles from Shayne’s past resurface, threatening to pull her under, will Wylde step up? Or will he prove to be just another man full of sweet words and empty promises?

Immerse yourself in a tale of raw passion, resilience, and the lengths a woman will go to protect her heart. Can Shayne find the real love she’s been searching for, or will life force her hand to play her ‘Plan B’?