Panoramic Views With A New York Millionaire 2

Wilder’s life is looking real messy right now. His marriage, which he thought was rock-solid, is actually falling apart. It’s like his wife, Eliza, who used to be his whole world, is now just a shadow in his life.

Then there’s Yara. Wilder thought he was rescuing her from a tough situation, but now he’s realizing that he’s the one who needs saving. Their lives are full of ups and downs, and danger seems to be lurking around every corner. Despite all this, Wilder is determined to find Yara and keep her safe. But do she want the safety from him or another man?

Yara’s been chasing freedom, but just when she thought she had it, everything got turned upside down again. Wilder’s got his own plans, but Yara’s stuck at a crossroads. She’s got to decide whether to keep running or face her problems head-on.

In their world, having money and connections can bring any secret out into the open. And there’s one big question that’s got everyone guessing: who’s the person behind that mysterious phone call to Cion? Everyone’s dying to find out. This African American romance is an emotional rollercoaster and full of surprises.