Panoramic Views With A New York Millionaire

Heartbreak takes many forms, whether it’s rooted in the raw edges of the hood, the ruggedness of thug love, or the glitz of a New York millionaire. Falling for someone who defies the rules can leave your heart racing and stomach churning with uncertainty.

Yara Singh was born in South Florida and raised in the unforgiving hood. Driven by the need to survive and escape her circumstances, she was set on achieving a better life. But with a rocky upbringing and questionable decisions, it seemed unlikely she’d ever reach her goals. That all changes when she encounters Xavier “Wilder” Green.

Xavier, a New York millionaire, and a major shot-caller has everything to offer except his heart. But an unexpected twist of fate sets him on a new path, and when he meets Yara, he can’t resist being near her, even if it risks everything he’s built.

In this electrifying tale, an unpredictable woman and a powerful man driven by revenge discover that love has its price. Theresa Reese weaves a gripping urban romance filled with star-crossed lovers, secrets, betrayal, and an undeniable connection.